A series of Funny Women: Female Sitcom Protagonists in 70 years of changes inside and outside of the screen.

Sitcom Women: Protagonism and Representation on Screen (Book - PH.D. Dissertation)

From Dead Until Dark to True Blood: A Comparative Analysis of the Narrative in the Novel and the Television Series (Book - MA Thesis)


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Chapters in collaborative books

“What a Nice Vampire: Deconstructing the Classic and rebuilding a fresh gothic monster”. O gótico em LIteratura,

Artes e Mídia. Ed UFSC. Daniel Serravale. Florianópolis, Brazil. 2020.

“Who Killed Laura Palmer? The Avant-garde Television Created by Twin Peaks.” David Lynch, Multiartista. Ed

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“Women on Brazilian Sitcom: a research about the portrayal of female protagonists on cable TV in Brazil during

the last decade”. Televisão e Narrativas Culturais. Patricia Bieging, Raul Inácio Busarello and Victor Aquino. Ed.

Pimenta Cultural. Brazil. 2016.

“Pages and Screens: Gender and Race issues on Brazilian Television and Brazilian Magazines”. Structuralism,

Poststructuralism, and Other Discussions. Ed. CRV. Curitiba, Brazil. 2016. (Co-author)


Friedrich, Fernanda. The End of Anthropocene on Screen: The Post-Apocalyptic Representation of the World in The Walking Dead.(O fim do antropoceno nas telas: As representações pós-apocalípticas do fim do mundo em The Walking Dead). Revista de estudos Anglo-Americanos. 2016. Brazil.


Friedrich, Fernanda. Three Moms and some uncomfortable issues: The characters in the television series Mom (Três mães e alguns assuntos desconfortáveis: as personagens em Mom). SOCINE (Brazilian Society of Cinema Studies). 2015. Brazil.


Friedrich, Fernanda. Cinema avant-garde and Television Series: A brief study about HBO and the True Detective Series (O Vanguardismo Cinematográfico Transposto nas Séries de Televisão: Um Breve Estudo Sobre o Canal HBO e a Série True Detective.). INTERCOM SUL (Brazilian Society of Communication Interdisciplinary Studies) . 2015, South. Brazil.


Friedrich, Fernanda. Understanding the Big Bang Theory. the popularization of a specific Language in dialogues on television (Entendendo The Big Bang Theory: a popularização de uma linguagem específica em uma série de

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Friedrich, Fernanda. Rising Social Debates: How the television series True Blood Adapted the Discourse in the Novel Dead Until Dark. !PLOP! Magazine. Barcelona, Spain.



Public and Academic Conferences Lectures +
Workshops taught 


“Women’s voices in the Americas”. Latin American week in Vancouver, Canada. July 2018.


Female Representation on TV. August 2015 (8h) Media Department/ Universidade do Vale do Itajaí

Social Documentaries. September 2014. (4h) Department of Journalism/ Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina

Social Documentaries. September 2013. (20h) Department of Journalism/ Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina

“What is Machismo? How Violence Against Brazilian Women and The Impeachment of the First Female President of Brazil are Intertwined”. F-Word Conference. University of British Columbia. May 2017.


“Can TV Teach Me? The Importance of Representation on POP Culture”. International Conference on Cultural Studies and Education. University of British Columbia. April 2017.


“Post-Colonial Subjects in Transit, Deconstructions, and Identities in movement” Semanas de Letras UFSC 2016. Florianópolis, Brazil. June 2016.