The State of Women (Documentary Film/USA/2019)


Director | Producer | Writer | Editor 

Funding by UN Women, NAMA and WIIWD

The State of Women” is a documentary film about women in tech, innovation, entrepreneurship, and investing. Shot in India and the UAE, this film explores how economic empowerment of women is going to change the world we live in. Dozens of trailblazing female entrepreneurs and investors share their experiences on camera—proving that the future is female.

Into the Dunes (Documentary/ Brazil/ 2013)


Director | Producer| Writer | Editor


Award-Winning Short Film 

'Vida na Areia" is a documentary about a favela community in southern Brazil. The film tells the stories of marginalized citizens that faced daily struggles to survive inside a society that opted to leave them excluded. It shows how people come from small towns with a promise of making it in the big city and face the harsh realities of colonialism and capitalism.   

My Kind of Family (Documentary/ Brazil/ 2012)


Director | Producer | Writer 

Licenced to Globosat / GNT


Award-Winning Feature Film 

"Família no Papel" shows the struggles of seven LGBTQ+ families from Brazil fighting to be legally recognized as such. 

Television SHOWS

Animazoo (TV Show/ Brazil/Seasons 1-4 2017-)

Lead Writer


Amazon Prime | Youtube | SBT Brasil | ZooMoo Kidsl 


Over 500mi views on youtube

A Cara do Futuro (TV Show/ Brazil/Seasons 1-2 2017-2019)

Lead Writer


The History Channel | Futura | SBT Brasil

Meu Pedaço do Brasil (TV Show/ Brazil/ 2019)



SBT Brasil

Catarinense como você  (TV Show/ Brazil/ 2015-2018)

Director (E4S01) +(E6S02)


SBT Brasil