Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging services

Acting as a Diversity & Inclusion Content Specialist is an extensive task. There are many functions one can perform in order to be a champion for D&I inside a company or a project. To make clear what I can offer with my services, I listed some of the functions I have experience performing as a Content Specialist and a Project Manager.​

  • Develops strategic direction planning and executing inclusion strategies, plans and practices facilitating DIB policies and procedures

  • Audits content, reviewing, and recommends D&I related learning resources for clients, assuring accuracy and validity of source data​​

  • Designs and delivers inclusion, equity, diversity and anti-racism training for teams, collaborating closely with HR, stakeholders, directors, and managers

  • Oversees hiring of internal crew and contractors in cross-functional teams, supporting onboarding and training new hires to collaborate actively in a diverse workplace

  • Designs assessments, conduct/create surveys and analyses, focus groups and facilitated sessions

  • Translates  results into recommendations, generating actionable insights reducing turnover by source and improving the Employee Experience